Memory lane

Care to take a stroll down memory lane? This is how this site looked like through the years.

In 2003 I registered the domain name The first version of this site was written in PHP and looked something like this:

PHP version, 2003--2007

After working with Plone for more than a year, I used that CMS to create a new version. The event that triggered me to resurrect my site was the fact that I was going to the Plone Conference of 2008 and I needed a blog to create summaries of the talks I attended. This was the result:

Plone, 2008--2009

In 2009 I created a new theme for the site, basically a modified version of the Keep it simple theme:

Plone, 2009--2010

I did not change the theme until I switched to Django in May 2010. I went back to blue again:

Django, 2010

That version didn’t last very long. About two months later I wanted something with more colour and I created a new theme based on the Logistix theme:

Django, 2010--2012

I started working on a new look in the second half of 2011 but that turned out to become a completely new site using Acrylamid. When it went live on October 1st in 2012, it looked like this:

Acrylamid, 2012--2016

After changing the fonts and some tweaking, this is what it looked like as of mid 2016:

Acrylamid, 2016--?