Articles published in 2012

December 2012

CloudFlare experiment

Workshop: Theming with Diazo

November 2012

Podcasts I listen to

Acrylamid: a first evaluation

October 2012

Lightning talks (Friday)

Sprinting for newcomers

Jump start your development with ZopeSkel (Cris Ewing)

ZopeSkel - The past, present and future (Cris Ewing)

PloneNG: What's new in Plone 4.2, 4.3, and beyond (David Glick)

Travis CI: easy and fun CI for your Plone packages (Nejc Zupan)

Performance for product developers (Matthew Wilkes)

Lightning talks (Thursday)

Essential development tools (Kim Chee Leong)

Modern scalable deployment for Plone (Christian Theune)

Plone Production Deployment: Secrets & Tricks (Steve McMahon)

Are you in a hole and still digging? Or how to become an agile company in a year (true story) (Andrew Mleczko)

How to have a real site factory with buildout (Encolpe Degoute)

Paint it Plone! (Simone Deponti)

Lightning talks (Wednesday)

Ways to investigate for the future of Plone (Encolpe Degoute)

Plone, RabbitMQ and messaging that just works (Asko Soukka and Jukka Ojaniemi)

Pragmatic projects - getting things done with Plone (Andreas Jung)

Keynote: The State of Plone (Matt Hamilton and Eric Steele)

Keynote: Going all out on the cloud (Jan Jongboom)

Migrating to Acrylamid

Looking for a static blog engine? Try Acrylamid!

September 2012

Migrating django.contrib.comments to Disqus

August 2012

“AttributeError: queryMethodId” when creating an object

April 2012

Whiskers and buildout.sendpickedversions

January 2012

Thoughts on mobile development

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