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How I solved the comment spam for my Django site

After this website migrated from Plone to Django, the comment spammers found my site more interesting. Instead of five spam comments a year, I suddenly got the same amount per week. Although those comments were never published (more on that later), it did annoy me. By no longer displaying the comment form below the blog entries, the problem of the spam seems to be solved. While this wasn’t my goal, it is a nice side effect.

Dots in a SlugField

When migrating from Plone to Django, I had problems with editing weblog entries with a dot in the url. Apparently Django doesn’t allow dots in a SlugField. Here’s how I solved it.

Switch to Django

This site is now powered by Django instead of Plone. Yes, I’ve finally made the switch!

Minor upgrade of my site - updated

Time for another small update of my site. I changed some ‘back office stuff’ and improved my blog. Apparently this also triggered some changes in the RSS feed, resulting in older entries popping up again on Sorry about that!

New start...

I’ve finally taken the time to setup the new website. Plone 3 combined with some add-on products and a bit of customization are the driving forces behind the current incarnation of this site.